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Swim Oregon was born in 2019, after Janie Malloy returned from a scouting trip to Europe for her event, the Naked Goddess Swim. Seeing how people around the world experienced open water swimming, or didn't, she was inspired to share where the Oregon locals swim, in the gorgeous, Pacific Northwest lakes and rivers. Janie plans to  increase the love and joy of open water, wild swimming, by making it convenient, accessible, adventurous, and safe.


  • Marathon Swimmer

  • 2017 & 2018 US Masters Long Distance National Champion

  •  2018 USMS All-American 

  • 1st in AG Portland Triathlon 2007,  2012

  • Lifeguard 

  • High Priestess of the Naked Goddess Swim

  • Instigator for the Human Access Project

  • Mgr. and Captain for the River Huggers, open water swim team 





To swim in magical water, in beautiful locations, with a pod, and a Safety Escort.


To swim wherever water is respected, protected,  habitable, drinkable, swimmable, and accessible. 

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